Driver’s Code of Conduct

PAWS En Route (PAWS) is proud to provide a pet transport service exclusively with drivers who have previous animal related work experience and knowledge. PAWS count on our drivers to use their professional expertise to make sure our clients and their pets have safe rides with minimal stress. Please refer to this Code of Conduct guide for further information, or contact us directly with any questions.

NOTE: By signing the Contractor Services Agreement (CSA), you agree to act in compliance with our Driver’s Code of Conduct.

1. Pets must be securely crated or tethered while traveling in a PAWS driver’s car.

  • At a minimum, drivers must provide seat belt tethers/clips and a backup leash. PAWS does not recommend clipping dogs in by regular collars and so pet owners will be asked to provide their own dog harness. PAWS never allows dogs to be clipped in by a slip type collar such as choke, pronged or any similar device.
  • Drivers are NOT obligated to provide dog harnesses, pet carriers or barriers unless they have
    personally chosen to do so.
  • Cats must be secured in their own carriers.
  • Birds or reptiles must be secured in their own cage or species appropriate ventilated transportation container.
  • It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure that carriers are secure and that collars, harnesses, etc are a good fit to prevent pets from getting loose. When concerned you should attach a second leash as a backup. Drivers can refuse to transport any pet they feel cannot be properly secured.

2. Secure dogs with a leash before opening the car doors during unloading.

3. Never leave a pet unattended in your car either during transport or during hand-off, loading or unloading (even with the windows cracked!).

4. Drivers will refrain from bring friends or family along on the ride unless they are specifically approved by PAWS. Never bring your personal dog with you. Never allow additional pets that have not been identified on the original booking.

5. Do not allow the general public to interact with a pet in your care.

6. PAWS encourages drivers to take steps to keep the car as clean as possible. Remove all clutter or debris and consider things such as having blankets and towels that can be changed out between pets, pet safe wipes, fur removing tools, odor eliminators etc. It’s a good idea to spray your car with Lysol or a similar disinfectant periodically. This could be either between trips or you could spray a cloud in your car and leave it overnight.

7. If a pet vomits, defecates or urinates in the vehicle, it is the driver’s responsibility to clean it. If a pet vomits or defecates on public property it is the driver’s responsibility to clean it. We recommend having tools do to this readily available during the trips.

8. Other comforts to ease the pet’s stress are encouraged, as long as they are safe for the pet. Only provide treats and toys to pets that have been previously authorized by the pet owner. You must provide a bathroom break and water for dogs if the trip exceeds 4 hours.

9. Driver / Pet Safety:

  • If you have concerns for your own safety while handling an animal, stop trying to handle them as soon as the pet is secure, and contact the owner immediately. Our clients must fill out information ahead of time to avoid such situations. If we know that the pet is fearful, anxious, aggressive or if it is protective of the home, we will insist that the owner is present for the pickup, the ride and delivery.
  • Do not enter any property if you suspect danger or aggressive animals.
  • If at any time you are concerned for the safety and well being of the pet, the owner must be contacted immediately. If it is an emergency, you will bring the pet to the nearest veterinary facility and contact the owner immediately– unless other arrangements have been made with the driver and pet owner prior to starting the drive.
  • If a pet has a known medical condition or other issue that would cause concern during transport, an emergency plan/arrangements must be made and documented with the pet owner prior to starting the trip.
  • Always tend to incidents, contact owners and then report the incident to PAWS once the situation is under control.

10. Drivers entering a private dwelling to pick up a pet will respect the privacy of the owner and will take every precaution to refrain from damaging the property in any way.

11. If your availability changes after you have submitted your weekly report you must submit an update to PAWS immediately.

12. As part of PAWS quality assurance process we review the skill set of the driver to ensure that his /her skills are in alignment with our standards. If any experience gaps are identified PAWS will work with you to enhance your skills to the level required.

13. Drivers for PAWS are required to drive safely, within posted speed limits and within the local traffic laws. You will obey all laws regarding the safe use of cell phones and will not text while driving.

14. Drivers are only authorized to drive in their approved vehicle. Contact PAWS immediately if you need to switch cars for any reason whether temporary or not.

15. You can accept cash tips however, if a client damages your car, do not ask for or accept cash. Report the damage to PAWS.

16. Follow police accident procedures for all traffic related incidents and then contact PAWS.