The Team

Dacia Rohlehr

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

I started Paws en route because my dog, Liam, needed a ride to the vet hospital and there was no service to transport him. We love pets and are dedicated to ensuring that your pet will always have a ride with us. Finnegan, Shane and Sweetgrass are the best of friends and enjoy taking photos together.

Pets: Finnegan, Shane and Sweetgrass

Robert van Beers

Chief Operating Officer

I am responsible for ensuring a great transportation experience for all our pets and pet owners.  Our dog Marley is at many of our Paws en route meetings, offering barks, begging for treats and launching his own Instagram page (Marleyythemutt). He is pictured here in an old tux.

Dog: Marley (van Beers)

Nana Okyere

Transportation & Marketing Manager

If you cradle a poodle, is it a croodle? Carrying fluffy boy is no easy task but I make sure to get the job done. Joining the Paws en route team in 2017, I manage the office and transportation bookings with attention to detail.  Aubrey and I ensure that all pets who come our way experience the highest level of love and care.

Dog: Aubrey