Transportation for your beloved pets!


PAWS En Route is a transportation services company that ensures pet owners have an alternative means to transport their beloved pets to and/or from:

  • Regularly scheduled veterinary appointments
  • Emergency veterinary clinics
  • Grooming/spa appointments
  • Dog Day Care
  • Airline Travel
  • Leisure visits with family members & friends
  • Dog parks and play dates
  • Pet therapy sessions
  • Kennels

PAWS En Route prides itself on transporting pets in a safe and fun environment. Our Drivers are experienced at handling pets, are knowledgeable in the health and well-being of pets, and will ensure the safety of pets at all times.

PAWS’ drivers, simply put, love animals. They have animal experience, can assist the pet parents in keeping the stress levels of their pet to a minimum and understand the needs of animals in transport.

The Drivers are friendly, reliable, and will respect the property and surroundings where the pet is being picked up and delivered.

PAWS En Route ensures that its drivers are properly insured.

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Our leadership team is made up of pet owners and pet lovers. We understand the challenges pet owners face in juggling pet transportation needs and other personal and non-personal commitments.

Dacia Rohlehr

Dacia Rohlehr

Dacia Rohlehr is the Founder and CEO of PAWS En Route. She is passionate about animals and has always cared for them in the home since she was a very…

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We love pets! As important is our in-depth understanding of pet owners’ transportation needs, and the limitations that exist in the marketplace for them. We also believe that pets should feel loved, safe and secure at all times. Because we are pet owners too, we felt compelled to create PAWS En Route.

To add value for our fellow pet owners, we knew it was paramount that all PAWS En Route personnel and drivers have pet ownership experience, pet care expertise, and knowledge. We strongly believe that the transportation of our four-legged family members should not be left to just anyone.