Pet Airport Transportation and Shipping​

Pet Transportation by Air in Toronto and the GTA

Need help getting your pet between cities or even between countries?  Paws en route in Toronto and the GTA provides a well-rounded service in booking your pet’s travel and advising on gathering all paperwork required. We can also get your paperwork certified if needed.  We work with major airlines and can even arrange ground transportation to and from the airport in most cities.

How do I transport my pet by air?

The transportation of any pet requires detailed planning, and we make it easy.  We coordinate with you to ensure your pet has all required paperwork and certifications needed in order to fly to their destination country. Your Paws en route service manager will guide you through all the details and outline what you will need to gather in order for your pet to fly.  Please contact the office for more information.

What is required for pet transportation by air?

All dogs, cats and pets travelling by air are required to have the appropriate crates in order to be flight ready and accepted by the airline companies. Paws en route can supply and advise you to ensure you have the right carrier as per the IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations.   Contact us for further information.

How much does it cost to fly my pet?

There are several considerations when planning pet travel by air.   We provide you with a detailed estimate in advance of your day of travel and let you know where there could be extra charges if there are flight delays or other.  This is all in the spirit of safe and friendly travel for your pet.

Get Pet Airport Transportation with Paws en route

To learn more about shipping pets by air and our other Toronto/GTA services, please book and request a quote from our team!