Pet Taxi Service in Toronto & the GTA

Pet Taxi Services

Pet Taxi Service in Toronto and the GTA

Transporting your pet around Toronto and the GTA is easy with Paws en route. We have a dedicated team of pet-friendly drivers ready to pickup you and your pet and take you to the veterinarian, the dog groomer, boarding or around town to visit your friends.

What is a dog or pet taxi service?

Paws en route specializes in providing pet transportation services in the Greater Toronto Area. Like a regular taxi service, you book a ride and a requested time. We show up with a pet-friendly/experienced driver ready to safely transport you and your pet to your destination.

Can I take my pet in a regular taxi?

Pet travel, whether it be dogs, cats or other, is at the discretion of the regular taxi drivers and often not accepted. Consequently, the Paws en route service was born, to provide a predictable, convenient, trustworthy and safe pet taxi service option for pet owners in Toronto and the GTA. Paws en route always has pet seatbelts and straps to secure pet carriers. Your pet can travel alone safely with Paws.

Can I take my pet on public transportation?

Pets are not permitted on public transportation during rush-hour period, but you can ride under certain conditions in off-peak times. Please check and other transit services for more information.

What are pet taxi service rates?

Pet taxi service rates are based on an initial pickup charge, and a variable charge based on distance and any waiting time. We always provide you with a quote in advance so there are no surprises.

How much does a pet taxi cost?

A pet taxi costs about the same as a regularly taxi ride.

Do pet taxi’s carry insurance?

At Paws en route we carry specialized insurance to ensure your pet and the driver are fully covered for accident and liability. This makes us unique in the industry.

What types of animals will you take in a pet taxi?

Paws en route will carry only domestic pets. No horses please!

How far can we travel using a pet taxi?

Paws en route offers pet taxi services that are split into two categories: short haul trips and long-haul trips. Short haul trips are any considered to be trips 50 km and under. Long haul trips are anything over 50 km. We can even help you relocate your pet across the country via ground transportation! Please contact us for more information on long haul trips.

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