I am extremely satisfied with the service provided.  It was a long ride from Chicago to Toronto but they made me feel comfortable and kept me informed all the time  My two dogs are old and I was nervous about their transportation but Paws en route made everything easy for me.  During the ride, they sent me texts with updates and photos of my babies.  It was an upstanding door-to-door service.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants their dogs in the best hands.


Amazing service, lovely people! I had two wonderful experiences riding with them!!

L. L.

I’m so happy with my first Paws en route experience tonight.  Regular cab companies can be very unreliable if you own a dog.  I took my dog to her annual checkup tonight and used your service to get us there.  The driver was very polite and personable, called when they arrived, and we chatted the whole way.  Before I knew it we arrived and I was early for the appointment!  Excellent service!  I’ll definitely use your company again.  🙂  Thank you!

Laura P.

After I was offered a job across the country, I didn’t even know where to begin as far as planning a move with my family and cat.  There were so many things to plan and organize, it was beginning to feel overwhelming!  As soon as I reached out to Paws en route, I knew I found the right company to help our family with this cross country journey.  Their customer service was above and beyond while our kitty was in their care, but what impressed me the most was their careful planning and itinerary advice which was so helpful in making the move a smooth transition for our entire family. I am immensely grateful to Paws en route for making this experience a positive one for all of us and would recommend them wholeheartedly.

Sam A.

I highly recommend Paws en route to assist in pet transport. They have a transparent pricing structure (so you are sure it is fair) and gives clear information and instructions (so there is no guess work involved). It is very clear that Paws en route know what they are doing and loves animals. A move is stressful, but having Paws en route help move your pets takes one stressor away.

James Bowen

As my wife and I began planning our relocation from Ontario to Alberta, our family was quickly overwhelmed with the complexity of moving our entire lives, including our 3 young children and Daisy, our 12 year-old cocker spaniel. I was fortunate to come across Paws en route while researching ways to transport pets in the Toronto area. Paws en route assisted with our plans to move Daisy from our local kennel in Ancaster to Air Canada’s pet cargo facility at Toronto Pearson Airport, with all paperwork and bookings in place to ensure a successful check-in. On the day of her travel, The Paws en route staff treated Daisy as if she was their own, and kept us informed of her progress along the way. Their dedicated support allowed us to focus on all the other aspects of our stressful relocation, knowing that our pet was well cared for and would arrive safely in Alberta at her own pace. Thanks to Wendy and the rest of the Paws en route team!


Joe Grant

I had to take my dog to a chiropractor a bit far from our home, I don’t drive and my dog can’t do the subway stairs. So, this service was a great way of taking him there and back home. Great service and very friendly staff that obviously understand how a dog may behave in a car (like barking to every cyclist that passes by). I’d recommend them to everyone and I certainly will think of them in the future. (See rating on our Facebook Page.)


Ulliane D.

Dog Transportation Services Toronto

The wife needed the car today so I thought I would give Paws en route a try for a vet appointment. Received a call when they were getting close. Service was on time as scheduled and once in the car and settled in, my dog relaxed and snuggled beside me. She normally hates car rides. When we arrived she was so comfy she did not want to get out. Great service thanks, highly recommended. I will use them again. (See rating on our Facebook Page.)


Thomas O.